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Macjordomo 1.6

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Macjordomo works well with Eudora Internet Mail Server, too.

Classic / OS X
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Macjordomo features include:

  • A very easy to set up.
  • A nice Mac-like interface for list managment.
  • Supports all the basic features of a list server plus logging of mail, errors, and loop prevention.
  • Import and export users lists.
  • Editing of automatic response messages.

Please read the documentation or visit the home page for more detailed information.


Requires: Minimum system is a SE30. It needs a 32-bit clean system (this is a problem only in machines before a IIci, in which case you need Mode32). AnInternet connection (it does not have to be a permanent connection. Macjordomo works well with a dial-up connection). A mail server (POP3/SMTP). It does not have to be on the same Macintosh. You can use any mail server (UNIX, Macintosh, etc.). You can use your ISP (Internet Server Provider) server. For optimal use, Macjordomo needs one mailbox for each list you want to create plus one for the list server address. If you have control of the mail server (e.g. you use AIMS) you can create them yourself. Otherwise you can ask your system administrator (if you are at a University/School/Company) or your ISP. Most ISPs do not charge at all (or just charge few dollars) for extra mailboxes.