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OT/PPP Strip 1.1

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OT/PPP Strip shows you the time you've been connected and your uploading and downloading activity through lighted arrows.

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It's simple and elegant.

OT/PPP Strip is a Control Strip module for changing your OT/PPP presets, and connecting and disconnecting OT/PPP. It does useful things in conjuntion with Open Transport/PPP or Apple Remote Access 3.0. You can use OT/PPP Strip to:

  • Connect and Disconnect from your service provider.
  • Open the PPP Control Panel or Remote Access Control Panel.
  • Switch configurations quickly and easily.
  • Monitor network link activity while connected (optionally).
  • Display your connect speed and elapsed time connected for the current connection (optionally).

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


System requirements: Obviously, you must have the Control Strip, Open Transport, and either Open Transport/PPP or Apple Remote Access 3.x installed on your Macintosh in order to use this control strip module. AppleScript is also required. As far as we know, this module should run on any Macintosh which meets the minimum requirements for those other packages (System 7.5.3 or greater, as well as Open Transport 1.1.1 or greater, are required for OT/PPP.) And, the author says, "Although I have not explicitly tested with any of them, this module should work with any of the Control Strip replacements floating around on the 'net that support the Control Strip API. It will not take advantage of any special features of those packages, though."

Installation instructions: For Mac OS 8.1 and earlier systems:After installing the required system components, if you haven't already, simply drag the OT/PPP Strip module to the Control Strip Modules folder (it's in your System Folder. For some reason, even though the System Folder is smart enough to route things like fonts and extensions to the right places, it can't handle control strip modules by itself yet.) Drag the Breathing Room extension into your Extensions folder. You will need to restart your machine once you've followed the above steps. The OT/PPP Strip should appear in the Control Strip once your machine has rebooted.

For Mac OS 8.5 and above: All of the required system software components should have been installed as part of the basic system installation. Smply drag the OT/PPP Strip control strip module directly onto the Control Strip itself. The Control Strip will load OT/PPP Strip dynamically. There is no need to restart your machine. In addition, the Breathing Room extension is no longer needed under MacOS 8.5 -- feel free to throw it away.