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StripCam 1.0

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StripCam is a MacOS utility for periodically accepting an image from a camera source, compressing it to a JPEG image, and uploading it to an FTP server, or saving the file locally.

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The utility is written as a control strip module, so its controls and a tiny preview image are always accessible.

It features a control strip module that is always available and running. You can upload pictures to FTP server, or save locally.

Two text captions are available and can include text, date, time and number of pictures taken. It runs on any 68020 or later Macintosh and uses a very small RAM footprint.

It can run in the background without impacting performance and is intended to be very streamlined and simple.

Sripcam's tiny number of features is its strongest feature. But if you need a zillion features, there are various heavyweight applications which can provide them, such as SiteCam, Oculus and CoolCam.


System Requirements: StripCam will work on any MacOS computer with QuickTime 2.5 or later, and Open Transport. It works much better if you have a QuickTime-compatible video source available; if no video source is available, StripCam uploads rectangles of random color. StripCam uses about 1 megabyte while running.