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Quit CSM 2.2f1

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Quit CSM lets you quit several applications at once, checks memory size, quit and restart Finder, and quit background-only applications.

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15 days
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With Quit CSM you can:

  • Quit applications without having to make them active: you can quit a single application, all background applications or all running applications.
  • Quit and restart the Finder.
  • Quit background-only applications.
  • Display the largest unused memory block or the memory in use.
  • Show application sizes.
  • Enable a hot spot for showing and hiding the Control Strip.
  • Hide the background applications and show all running applications.
  • Automatically hide applications on context switch.
  • Put your computer to sleep, restart it, and shut it down.
Quit CSM now has a Settings control panel. It lets you configure Quit CSM and has three panes: the Applications pane lists excluded applications and lets you exclude and include applications and set the Hide Front Application before Switch option; the Menus pane lets you customize the Quit and advanced Quit menus; the Preferences pane lets you set display options (icon, memory bar) and enable a show-and-hide control strip hot spot.

Also, the Sleep command has been added to the Quit menu, and the Quit Others and BOAs command have been added to the advanced Quit menu. The Hide Front Application before Switch option has been re-introduced in the Quit menu. And, a bug concerning the Hide Front Application before Switch option, whose state wasn't correctly restored at startup has been fixed.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


System requirements: Quit CSM needs a Mac with 68020 processor or better, System 7.5 or higher and, for System 7.x.x, Appearance Extension; Control Strip; Extensions Strip (2.0bx or higher); and ACTION GoMac can be used as module host.