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ShrinkWrap 3.5

file size: 1.10 MB

With a simple drag-and-drop, you can turn a disk or files into an electronically transmittable image file and then return it to an exact copy of the original source disk.

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30 days
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Features include:

  • Easy creation of read/write/mount support for Apple's segmented images without using scripting software (ShrinkWrap also automatically creates segmented images based on the media that is being used)
  • Support for HFS+ - For HFS+ users (creating a back-up image has never been easier or more reliable)
  • Option to not copy unused blocks of a volume, assuring that only information you choose to include is copied and saving media and hard drive space when the image is compressed
  • Supports Navigation Services (Open/Save dialogs are now movable and support multiple selections)
  • Interface Improvements (ShrinkWrap is Appearance Manager savvy and has an updated Preferences window which unites the ShrinkWrap interface with the System software and makes ShrinkWrap more familiar to new users.


ShrinkWrap requires Macintosh and Power Macintosh computers running Mac OS 7.1.1 and higher. It contains both 68K and PowerPC native code, is AppleEvent aware, 32-bit clean, and AV, '040 cache and virtual memory compatible. Although a Macintosh SE or better is required for full functionality, the Mac Plus can still use ShrinkWrap to mount, convert and verify disk image files. The Component Manager, available withQuickTime 1.5 or System 7.1 or later, is required to handle compressed or encrypted disk images.