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Macintosh Explorer 4.6

file size: 2.94 MB

With Macintosh Explorer you can easily copy, move, delete and find information as well as change finder flags for all the files and folders on your computer.

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Classic / OS X
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Best of all, it is cheap and easy to use.

With Macintosh Explorer, finding files is a breeze. You can find whatever you are looking for in just one window. If you are running out of memory, you can also quit and relaunch the Finder.

For easy access to your files or folders there is a favorites' list and a history list. The back, forward, up and Home buttons make it really easy to navigate through your hard drives.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


This program requires QuickTime; AppleScript; MacOS 8.5.1 or higher (may work on systems below 8.5.1 but they are unsupported); PowerPC; 4 Megabytes of free memory; and 4 Megabytes of disk space. You can still use Macintosh Explorer if you don't have QuickTime, but you won't be able to open as a picture or a movie. Also if you don't have AppleScript installed you won't be able to quit or launch the Finder. This is a beta release version that lasts about a month at a time from date of release.