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UtilityDog 1.4

file size: 1.78 MB

Efficiently find files and folders by virtually any criteria that you can think of and save your criteria for reuse.

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30 days
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You can also browse through the results of a search or through the files on your disks and immediately see the contents of each file or folder with just a single click. And you can easily interact with files and folders one at a time or manipulate many items simultaneously using convenient commands designed for batch processing.

Use UtilityDog as a backup utility to back up your important files and protect against accidental loss of data. These features and many more are provided in a user-friendly format for both novice and power users.

Now only $19.95 for a single computer license. New upgrade policy: All registered 1.x owners will automatically get free upgrades to version 2.0 when it is released.


This program requires any Macintosh PowerPC with about 3MB free disk space, at least 3MB available RAM (more recommended), and a MacOS 8.1 or later.