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Purge Data 1.0

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This small utility cleans out all those old files you want to get rid of from the folders on your hard drive or network drive.

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30 days
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All you have to do is choose which folders you want it to look through and choose how far back you want the program to go. Then, the application trashes all the files that meet the criteria you have set.

Purge Data works by looking at the files modification date. And the great thing is that it goes through all the sub-folders of the directory you have chosen, not just the top level of the folder or network drive, leaving your folder structure alone.

Purge Data also contains an AppleScript dictionary. This allows you to write scripts for Purge Data and to automate a daily running of the program.

Please read the documentation for more information.


This program requires a Mac OS 8.6 or higher.