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CatFinder 2.7.0

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Searching through multiple disks for a specific file or folder is a headache that most Macintosh users have faced at one time or another.

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Classic / OS X
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CatFinder is a utility that solves that problem and many more by maintaining catalogs of your disks on the local hard drive.

CatFinder features an intuitive Finder-like interface for browsing the catalogs and provides powerful search and reporting features to help you find and organize your files.

The program catalogs any disk including CD ROMs, floppys, ZIP disks, and hard drives; it provides an intuitive Finder-like interface for browsing the catalogs.

With CatFinder, you can display and sort files of perform file searches such criteria as name, size, kind, type, creator, date or label; and you can generate reports for export or printing.

The program prints disk labels and scans and displays the contents of Stuffit and Compact Pro archives.