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Quadrivio General Edit 1.0v2

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Use General Edit to view or edit data files with complex binary formats.

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It's helpful for those who spend their time programming and/or debugging custom file formats. It displays the contents of complicated data structures and lets you view, edit and analyze data in multiple formats. In addition, General Edit has a built-in compiler that functions interactively as you type and complex formats are handled by powerful syntax.

Advantages of General Edit:

  • Quick insight into data structure contents
  • Easier than studying MPW's dumpfile output
  • Faster debugging with clear display of data
  • Saves coding time with direct data editing

This is a demonstration program that cannot be used to edit files. This demonstration version will show you how some of the features of General Edit work. You may use it to open the file Tutorial One and to view RAM. Saving files, opening other files and some of the other features are not enabled in this version.

For more information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


Requirements: A Power PC Macintosh or Power PC Mac OS-compatible computer; Mac OS 7.1 or later; Mac OS 7.6.1 or later is recommended.