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Sherlock II Creator 2.0.2

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Sherlock, the new and improved search engine introduced in MacOS 8, offers a new and revolutionary way to search the Internet for information.

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The basic idea is to send a search request to a number of search engines, instead of just one. The hits are then presented to you, sorted after relevance in a MacOS window. MacOS 9 users can also take pleasure from searching news services and LDAP directories for people with the new Sherlock 2 featuring a QuickTime 4 styled interface.

In order for Sherlock to send a search request to a search engine, it requires some information about which parameters to include and also some information of how to interpret and extract all important information from the returned data. It is here that Sherlock II Creator comes into the picture. Using Sherlock II Creator is the easiest way to make your own MacOS 9 Sherlock plugins. The new Sherlock 2-styled interface grants speed and design which gives creativity and makes the program fun to work with. Please read the documentation for more information.