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Caption Extractor Suite 1.1

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With the Caption Extractor Suite, Sherlock becomes a low-cost, ready-to-use full-text solution for finding images on hard disks, CD-Roms or other storage devices.

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Classic / OS X

(*Provided the index is created before writing the CD-Rom.)

The Caption Extractor Suite consists of a series of plug-ins designed to enhance Sherlock's Search by Content features. These plug-ins enable Sherlock to index the description inserted into the image files using the Document info feature in software applications such as Photoshop, Graphic Converter, or any other IPTC editors.

Once the index is created, Sherlock can search through the ever-growing stock of image files to retrieve the required documents in a matter of seconds.

The Caption Extractor Suite now supports JPEG, IPTC, TIFF and native Photoshop files (the IPTC file format being the standard in the press industry for exchanging information).


Minimum system requirements: Mac OS 8.6.