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Quitter 1.6.1

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Quitter is perfect for remote quitting of any program or any Macintosh from any other computer on a network.

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To use, you must have a copy of Quitter Daemon running on these Macs (requires registration).

It also allows you to quit the Finder and background applications of a local Mac, which is great for freeing up CPU resources. It's as Simple to use as the Chooser, and since the program is tiny, it has very small RAM and hard drive space requirements.

See the site for information about Quitter Daemon.

Note: A Remote Mac is any Macintosh on your local Appletalk Network, which includes computer connected through AppleTalk Remote Access. If you have Mac OS 9 installed, Quitter works over the Internet. Quitter Daemon comes with your registration; it only needs to be installed on the computers you want to remotely restart or shutdown. It is not required for remotely quitting applications.