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MacD 1.6

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MacD is a new way to access your folders simply.

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10 days
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It gives you the folder window you need with just a few letters.

In case of ambiguity, MacD shows you a list from which you can choose the folder you want to open. All is done to provide quick, mouseless access to any of your folders without preliminary manual configuration.

It complements the Apple Menu, contextual menus or any toolbar application. Use one of them to open your Documents or Applications folder, and use MacD to open that hidden folder you never thought you would have to look at again.

Features include:

  • A fast index-based search engine
  • Availability from any application you are currently working with
  • Three types of search options
  • Many configuration possibilities
  • Shortcut keys for navigating dialog boxes

New in version 1.6:

  • You can define shortcut keys for frequently used files and folders (including applications).
  • The Search Text Field now has an auto-completion (AutoFill) behavior that provides another way of accessing files.
  • The program includes several configuration possibilities.
  • You can now define shortcuts to frequently used files and folders.

Please read the documentation or visit the home page for more information.