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VPC Helper 3.0

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VPC Helper is a new utility aimed at users of Connectix', the award-winning Virtual PC PC emulation software.

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Emulating a Windows PC (DOS, Win95, Win98, or WinNT) on a Mac stresses every system resource, making large amounts of RAM and processor cycles required commodities.

Up to now, freeing up RAM and processor speed for Virtual PC has been tedious, time-consuming, and irritating. Now, VPC Helper offers tried-and-true methods of freeing up resources for maximum Virtual PC performance. VPC Helper offers several features: VPC Helper will quickly prepare your Mac for Virtual PC use and allow one-click configuration and return. It will set your Virtual Memory settings (Mac OS 9 needed for this feature), set extension/control panel startup sets (Conflict Catcher 8 also supported), quit the Finder, quit hidden background apps and processes, and restart your Mac (if needed) in direct preparation for maximum Virtual PC use. And VPC Helper quickly configures and reconfigures settings with a click of the button.