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DiskArray Pro 2.0

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DiskArray Pro provides formatting, initializing, benchmark, repair and monitoring utilities for drives and arrays, and supports software RAID 0 and 1.

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DiskArray also provides professional features like support for Storage Area Networks, fibre channel hardware, remote array monitoring through a network or telephone and e-mail notification using the Internet.

Completely control your drive mode pages including caching, error recovery, and disconnect and reconnect. Any application which requires very high speed storage will sharply benefit from DiskArray's RAID level 0.

Typically, RAID level 0 is defined as a non-redundant group of striped disk drives, or simply data striping. With RAID-0, data is sector-interleaved, or split, across two or more drives where writes or reads can occur simultaneously, resulting in higher data throughput.

RAID-0 delivers the best performance and data storage efficiency of any array or RAID level.


This program requires one or more SCSI hard drives, Mac OS (System 7 or later), and SCSI Manager 4.3. A SCSI PCI card is recommended for maximum performance.