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BarBro 1.0 Beta 12

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BarBro also functions as a customizable application menu for opening frequently used applications, a customizable folder menu for opening frequently used folders, and a command-line console for opening applications without navigating through folders.

Cow Rating:

Use this program to store frequently used e-mail contacts. You can select them from the pop-up list and BarBro will open your default e-mail application and input the user's address.

You can also store frequently visited Web sites and frequently used applications and folders. Simply select them from a pop-up list, and BarBro opens them and any applications they require.

You can even use this to enter a simple command-line console like those found in DOS, Linux, etc. This CLC is used to input the path to an application/document (folders currently don't work). This is useful if you want to type the path instead of traversing through a maze of folders.

Please read the documentation for more information.