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Passenger 3.5.1

file size: 3.31 MB

Passenger lets the user:

  • Import database text.

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Classic / OS X
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  • Formulate user names.
  • Generate passwords.
  • Set account parameters.
  • Export for servers.
  • And, create folders.

    Using Passenger means you'll no longer have to type and set individual account settings, and, you won't have to create and then name individual folders one at a time.

    Please read the documentation or visit the home page for more complete information.


    PowerPC-only, Mac OS 8.5 or higher recommended. The unregistered version of Passenger has all features enabled but, for demonstration purposes, it only allows for 20 users to be imported and processed at a time. The Professional Edition has successfully imported and and exported over 5,000 users at a time. Having Passenger as shareware allows you to try it as long as you like before you buy. Passenger is not an expiring demo.