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Rewind 1.2.1

file size: 4.78 MB

Rewind provides the means to maintain important files, get out of sticky glitches and protect everything on your Mac.

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It gives continuous protection for everything all the time. Backups only let you recover whatever you backed up last.

Rewind's patent-pending technology remembers all the information modified on your disks, allowing you to return to previous versions of documents, applications, systems, even entire disks. And Rewind's Emergency Startup Mode allows you to reboot from your hard disk, even if you throw away the entire System Folder.

Rewinds's funtions include:

  • Restores overwritten or trashed files
  • Restores files damaged when your computer crashes -- even system files
  • Uninstalls applications or even new systems
  • Recovers previous versions of any file
  • Removes a virus as soon as the warning hits, instead of after the virus definitions become available
  • And more

For more detailed information, including updates, please read the documentation or visit the homepage.


Rewind is $89.95 for the download version on the home site. System requirements: Mac OS 8.1 thru 9.04; PowerPC processor; HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) formatted disk; volumes that are 200 MB or larger; five percent free space available (Rewind uses ten percent of your hard disk space by default, 20 percent or more is recommended). Rewind and OS X: Rewind was designed to be a terrific product for current Macs and an even better one for OS X. Rewind is currently available for Macs running OS 8.1 through. A Mac OS X version of Rewind will be available after Apple ships the OS X.


    Supports Mac OS 9.1