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Giants - Citizen Kabuto - The Lost Islands 1.0

Fast action strategic thinking twisted humor andincredible 3D graphics!

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98 / Me / XP / 95
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I know that most of you already know how much I loved ranting about Giants. Everything about the game screams perfection, and it is a tribute to the huge evolution of gaming. But that has already been reviewed. However, I got my grubby little hands on three new multi-player maps, and let me tell you, they are peachy.

Meccs vs. Meccs

This lost islands map is probably the one of the better Mecc maps available. The two teams are set up on opposite sides of the maps with a small Smartie village in a ridge in the center. Whew. The cool thing about this map is the huge distance between the two forts. The area is littered with sniper towers and a earth shapen maze.

Reaper vs. Reaper

While I am not a huge Reaper fan (due to the overwhelmingly strong starting power) I must say that I really did enjoy this map. A very large map filled a lot of water allows for those Reaperski's to have some wading room. There are also a lot of peaks and valleys, so the Reaper speed ability can really be taken advantage of. Another really nice touch is the open areas which you can place a tornado in and view it from the top of a mountain.

Meccs vs. Reapers vs. Kabuto

Easily the largest of the three maps I have is the three-way lost island. There is a valley in the center of the map with two Smartie respawns, so you can be sure to have some battles over there. In addition, the tops of the canyons are great for picking other enemies off from the top.

The only way to make a great game even better is to expand the original game. A sequel is definately worthwhile, but in order to keep the amazing quality of the original, that will be in development for quite some time.

Give me a single player expansion Planet Moon!



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