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Five plus 2.72

file size: 1.27 MB

Updated 7/23/2001

Version 2.72 added

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Align five or more balls of the same color horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

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98 / 95
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When you make a move without aligning more than four balls into one row, three new balls appear.

This way, the board fills up quickly. Aligning more than five balls gives you even more points, but it is risky since you might not be able to complete the row if a new ball appears in an unsuitable place. After some time, the board is so full that it becomes nearly impossible to make any useful moves. At this point, the game is over.

Five+ comes with beautiful graphics and offers the possibility to replace them with other graphics that can be downloaded for free from this Web site. Does all this sound too simple to be good? Take a look at the awards that Five+ has earned.