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Passage 3 2.53

file size: 4.03 MB

Passage 3 is an intriguing logic game created by Gekko Software and published by RealNetworks, Inc.

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98 / Me / 95
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The game crosses elements from dominoes, solitaire, Uno, Tetris, and Scrabble.

Place tiles on the board to match the color or symbol of adjacent tiles to create "passages" from edge to edge. Passage 3 incorporates four different game variations in which the concept remains the same, but the end goal changes ... drastically changing the strategies for success.

DirectMusic audio, voiceover, and high resolution graphics add sparkle and class, along with an easy-to-follow voice tutorial. Players can even upload their high scores to see how they stack up against other Passage 3 players from around the world.

Passage 3 is a challenging game that incorporates the aspects of several popular games. It will keep you fascinated for hours. Give it a try!