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3DMark2000 1.1

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3Dmark2000 is a benchmarking product used for diagnosing your computer hardware.

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Since hardware for your computer seems to be getting faster, and improving daily you will want to get a good benchmark tool to help you diagnose your system to let you know if you need to go to the next generation video card, or CPU. Admit it, you could be buying something that isnt that much better than what you have. So why not make sure that by comparing your current computer system with what the experts are trying to sell you on. The newest technology doesnt always make that much of a difference. 3Dmark2000 also allows you to compare what other users are benchmarking at right on their site.

Benchmarks are ratings and performance, of your CPU, memory, or video cards. 3Dmark2000 runs extreme graphics at outrageous speeds and tests exactly what your FPS (frames per second) is running. Very similar to what your computer would be put through in games. It also rates your system against others. Giving you the best idea if you should buy that new video card, or faster CPU. It can also be used for tweaking your system for best performance.

3Dmark2000 will diagnose your system, and keep record of each of your upgrades. You will find it very simple to use, and gives you tons of information.