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Rolling Marbles 1.02

file size: 2.62 MB

The puzzle genre will never die because people love being frustrated.

Published by:
98 / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / 2003
Cow Rating:

They love the tactical battle of wits, and with games like Rolling Marbles, I can see why.

With a lifelike puzzle board, Rolling Marbles shows a wooden grid with rotatable, 4X4 squares. By clicking on the center of the swivel, you can rotate the squares clockwise and counter-clockwise.

In logical mode, you take the pieces, which are already filling up the grid, and rotate them in colored groups. As you progress through level, different marbles that act as wildcards will come into place. Although this is the easier game, it is still challenging.

In action mode, you have both a timer and an unlimited supply of marbles that are falling down from generators. If the board is "clogged" for more than 10 seconds, the game ends. As you progress, unmovable blocks will be placed, marbles will generate faster, and there will be fewer swivels.

The graphics are amazing for a shareware game of this type, often tricking me into believe that they were photorealistic. If you're looking for a gorgeous game to test your wits, look no further.