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CycleMan 4.0

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Sometimes a new puzzle game can really stand out among the millions of Tetris and Arkanoid clones that litter the Internet.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95
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Cycleman places you in control of several different pipes. By rotating them in different directions, you create closed loops which will then clear out. The longer you take, the more pieces open up and when the entire board is filled, you lose.

Everything about this game makes it a worthy download. The graphics are a perfect fit for this type of game, boasting impressive 800X600 resolution with 16-bit color. The menus and sound add additional enjoyment from the bland alternatives.

In the end, the refreshingly different attempt at a puzzle game is what makes this iteration stand apart. Great puzzle games tend to be addictive, and I haven't found too many that are better than this.


    DirectX (comes pre-installed with Windows)