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Power20 4.1.2

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Power20 provides an emulator for Commodore VIC-20.

Published by:
Classic / OS X

On your Power Mac, you can run all the old software intended for that Commodore VIC-20. It has graphics and sound and is easy to use.

Power20 emulates the following features of a real VIC-20: MOS 6502 CPU emulation

  • VIC emulation
  • VIA emulation (timers, interrupts)
  • Optional original VIC-20 keyboard layout or Macintosh keyboard layout
  • Support for ROM cartridge files
  • CPU level 1541 floppy disk emulation
  • ROM level 1541 disk drive emulated for fast and easy disk access
  • Tape drive emulated
  • TapeDisk: T64 and Lynx files can also be used on disk drives
  • Automatic expansion of ZIP, GZ and LHA compressed disk or tape images.
  • Printer Emulation (text only)

    For more information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.