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Start Up Pass 2.32

file size: 2.68 MB

This is a complete security control system that fixes and locks all entry routes to load Windows and major security loopholes with the power of SSA Secure technology.

Trial Period:
15 days
98 / Me
Cow Rating:

The Login screen completely locks and stops Windows from loading in the normal mode until a user is authenticated. It is securely supported by the DOS mode protect with tristate auto-detect. This will lock the DOS mode boot startup route with seven security check points. Safe mode protection allows only the administrator to login to the safe mode.

You can also customize various security aspects including locking interrupt keys and boot menus at system boot up and a desk lock feature that locks the Windows Desktop at startup, when you are away or idling. Real time protection monitors system activities and makes it impossible for sub users to disable or uninstall this application.

With over 50 Windows tweaks, you can optimize, enhance and secure your hardware panel and system settings. The System Restore can snapshot your registry, files and system settings and restore it later.

The administrator control includes various startup modes of control panel, recovery code on lost password or security tamper. An administrator can also password protect uninstallation of this tool using the password generator.

This can shut down the computer if login authentication fails a specified number of tries. It allows for predefined limitation for sub user access with a security alarm, checks and more.