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Avernum 2 1.0.0

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Avernum was good, offering gamers a chance to relive the experiences that the old-school RPGs provided.

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98 / 2k / Me / 95
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With the sequel, developers didn't change much; they simply polished up what worked well for them in the first offering.

The storyline changes a bit, this time bringing you into a fight between the rebels of Avernum and the Elite Soldiers of the Empire. Control of the war has fluctuated between the two sides, and you join the rebels in an effort to take down the empire.

A clean up of the interface and an increase in color depth make this version of the game look quite a bit better than its predecessor. While the characters and backgrounds are also improved, the animation still looks stiff, but that's forgivable.

I'm pleased with the direction that the world of Avernum is heading. While everyone loves a classic RPG, it isn't always easy to make one work this well.