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Synth Rose 1.0.3

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Synth Rose is a music synthesizer, but instead of creating sampled sounds, it creates instruments.

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The program consists of two components: Instrument Builder and Composer. The Instrument Builder creates instruments that can be used to write songs with the Composer.

Distortion and filtering of the specified frequency results in realistic noises. After creating the instruments, you can then use the Composer to arrange the instruments into a song.

According to the program's author: "Synth Rose requires at least Mac OS 8.6. Its memory and processor requirements at the time of this writing are excessive. It requires a good deal of hard drive space to store cached sounds. The directory 'Scratch' will get extremely full if an unexpected error causes Synth Rose to quit without clearing the directory. The best thing to do is to drag the entire directory into the trash and create a new directory named 'Scratch' in the Synth Rose directory."

The author also says he will fix these problems in future versions.

For more information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.