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APC Tracker 4.1.1

file size: 2.31 MB

This is a Cocoa application for UPS devices in a network that powers specifically off Mac OS X and Xserve.

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30 Days
Classic / OS X
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It investigates the status of the UPS and will properly shut down the client computer once power gets interrupted. It can also send e-mail status notification and perform custom actions through user customizable shell scripts.

It allows face-less operation in server configurations, for the secure deployment of Apple's Xserve, as well as other Mac servers. Client-server architecture permits the simultaneous management of multiple APC Tracker servers and facilitates remote configuration, monitoring and administration within a local network or over the Internet.


Please check your apcupsd.conf file on your APCUPSd server if the following lines exist: NETSERVER on SERVERPORT 7000. In some configuration files it might be NISPORT 7000 instead of SERVERPORT 7000. If you change the server port value, you will have to adjust the preferences of APC Tracker.


  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • APC UPS with USB support
  • Or, APC UPS with APC Network Management Card built-in
  • Or, APC UPS device with serial or USB interface connected to a PC running APCUPSd under Linux or Windows