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Superchix 76 1.0

file size: 14.53 MB

With our initial posting of Hot Chix and Gear Stix, we realized that Small Rockets knew what it took to make a pretty good racing game.

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98 / Me / 95
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Aside from our problem with the lack of track selections, the game still holds its own with most of the other racers. While this offering, like its predecessor, won't be able to topple the big boys like Need for Speed, they are a heck of a lot of fun for a small amount of money.

SuperChix is presented wonderfully, using a high-quality engine that's capable of pushing fast frame rates. The detail is pretty nice, although you won't see much variety on the four tracks. There are eight different cars to race, each owned by a "hot chick." The engine delivers tight physics, which is surprising for a little-known game, but it's often restricted by the narrow tracks.

Once again, Small Rockets has made a good racer. If you're looking around for a good racing game that won't wipe out your checkbook, you might want to give this a try.