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Assimilation 01

file size: 7.01 MB

Without the depth of chess, games based on Life, the cell-oriented tic-tac-toe game, offer amazing thought-provoking gameplay.

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98 / Me / 95
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When playing against several diverse opponents, the game almost feels like a war.

The premise of the game is quite simple. Throughout different boards, you either clone (jump one space, creating a new piece) or jump (without creating a new piece) in an attempt to capture enemy pieces. If you jump near another player's piece, all adjacent pieces turn under your control.

Small Rockets brings this all in a clean, visually appealing package. The mild special effects add nicely to the subtle sound effects, which fluctuate depending on the size of the taken pieces. Coupled with the multi-player mode, via LAN or Gamespy, Assimilation is a great game.