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C-Kermit 7.0

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This program offers a consistent and portable approach to serial and network communications, file transfer, character-set translation, and numeric and alphanumeric paging.

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Console / X11

It is available for hundreds of different platforms including all varieties of UNIX, as well as VMS, Stratus VOS, DG AOS/VS. It works in conjunction with its companion programs on Windows 3.x/9x/NT/2000, DOS, IBM Mainframes, and almost any other platform you can think of.

As a serial communications program, the program includes a sophisticated location-independent dialer and dialing directory, allowing the same entries to be used from any country or area within a country. On TCP/IP networks, the program can act as Telnet client, Rlogin client, or as a server that can be accessed from clients elsewhere on the network. It can also make and use Sun and IBM X.25 connections.

It also offers online sessions with session logging, character-set translation, and key mapping; character-set translation for Western and Eastern European languages, Cyrillic, Japanese, Greek, and Hebrew duing both terminal connection and file transfer (a unique feature of Kermit software), and in version 7.0 also Unicode.

Kerberos, SRP, and SSL/TLS security are available within the constraints of U.S. export law.