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Ricochet 1.4

file size: 8.04 MB

Unique and interesting twists on old games can bring the genre's flavor back without major changes to the gameplay mechanics.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95
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The metallic, futuristic levels are powered by Reflexive's Velocity engine. The engine allows for pre-rendered artwork to give your 3D processor a little breather. It also allows for 32-bit color with transparency, anti-aliasing and particle effects. You can see most of it work when power-ups are used to break large portions of the level at once. Sound effects, while not neccessarily powered by the engine, are full of techno beats and crisp sounds.

There is no multiplayer mode per se, but there is online ranking. There are more plans for additions, even a full level editor, when the full version is released. In addition to those changes, it will offer 170 levels of fast arcade fun.

If you have played one too many of the same old Breakout clones trying to entice you with a rehash only in a higher resolution, Ricochet will be your game. It will show you that there are developers out there trying to make arcade games for the new generation.