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Music Scale Teacher 1.02

file size: 1.77 MB

This computerized music tutor uses advanced teaching techniques to accelerate your note reading abilities.

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It replaces the monotony of memorizing scales with an action-packed game. The more notes you shoot down, the more scales you've mastered.

This will play a random musical phrase ranging from one to eight notes based on the key, range and note count you have selected. Shoot down notes by playing the correct key on the piano. Use the mouse or optional midi keyboard to enhance the value of each lesson.

You can increase the excitement by turning on the optional note timer. If you don't shoot the notes within the given time, they will blow up. Plenty of special effects augment the excitement of the game and help to sharpen skills.

You can turn features on or off as you need them. This flexibility lets you to use this program with all ages and levels.