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PolyTrans 3D CAD/Animation Data Translation System 4.4

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PolyTrans is a high fidelity and accurate 3D data translation, viewing and model manipulation program that provides complete implementations of the most popular CAD, DCC (animation) and VisSim 3D file formats.

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98 / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista
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PolyTrans is used for any task requiring manipulation, viewing or conversion of 3D models and scenes. A subset of the formats supported include 3ds Max, .3ds, ACIS SAT, Autodesk Inventor, Biovision, Collada, DirectX, DXF, DWF/HSF, Electric Image FACT, FBX, JT, IGES, Lightwave, Maya, OpenGL C Code, OpenFlight, Parasolid, POV, PLY, Pro/Engineer, Protein Database PDB, Renderman RIB, Renderware/ActiveWorlds, Rhino-3D, SketchUp, Softimage-XSI, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, StereoLithography .STL, STEP, trueSpace, U3D, USGS DEM, VET, VRML 1.0+2.0, XAML-3D, Wavefront, X3D, XGL and more. Some of these formats are import or export only. Used worldwide by ten's of thousands of 3D industry professionals, movie studies, and institutions. Batch conversion. All 2D bitmap formats too.

Please refer to the Okino Web site for the most current list of supported file formats. Price is US$395 and up, depending on optional add-on modules.