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BigJig 6.0

file size: 2.39 MB

This is a great game for those who love big jigsaw puzzles.

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98 / 95
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You can choose between eleven levels of difficulty for each picture and cut your image up into 950 figured pieces, with or without rotation.

As an additional challenge, you can choose the Edgeless mode to solve the puzzle without edge pieces. After opening the jigsaw, all the pieces can be randomly scattered or arranged in a grid-like fashion. For your convenience, there are four pockets in the game to store and arrange pieces. Select a group of pieces to move them, transfer to the second playing window, to a pocket, or arrange them on the grid.

The game can support several languages. On the game site, you can find a new free jigsaw every week. After registration, you will get the set of more than 200 extra full-color jigsaws made of professional photos and famous paintings. You will also get JigMake - the utility for making your own jigsaws.