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3D Photo Browser Light 8.32

file size: 8.13 MB

This is a file explorer for viewing, editing and organizing your images, 3D files and audio files.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP
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For each directory, the program displays thumbnails for each recognized file. It recognizes 60 image formats, 3D formats and audio files. It provides customizable display modes, sort modes and file filters. Images or scenes can be displayed or edited with the 3D Browser Light viewers or in an external application, using the application access toolbar, drag-and-drop, or the application selection dialog. Each file has its own property sheet which displays information. 3D Browser Light also plays audio files.

Polygon Cruncher is included in the 3D Photo Browser package. It is a plugin for LightWave Modeler, Inspire 3D and 3DS Max, 3DS VIZ and Autodesk VIZ. Polygon Cruncher reduces the number of polygons of your objects without changing their appearance. You keep all details even at high optimization ratios. You also keep texture information and vertex colors.


This program requires registration to obtain a serial number to run the program.