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Hardwood Euchre 1.0 B9

file size: 6.51 MB

I should have known when I saw the customized installation that Hardwood Euchre was going to be a great game.

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Trial Period:
30 days
98 / Me / 95
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From start to finish, no matter how long you play, you will never once regret downloading (or purchasing) this excellent game.

If single-player gaming is what you're looking for, Hardwood Euchre has tons of options. There are computerized players for the classic game and a three-player option as well. The game uses a medieval theme, and the appropriate music will keep you amused.

But although that mode is wonderful, the heart of this game is the online play. After signing up on their server (a painless, in-game menu) you will be placed in a lobby where you can chat, create a game, join a game or watch a game that is currently in progress. Your stats are monitored so people can see your ranking and know whether you are the best there is. By fooming other players, which is like non-harming spells, you can let them know your opinions on their game playing.

And on the technical side, everything is handled in-game if you have an Internet connection. If you log in and there is an updated version available, it will let you know. If the game crashes (not once for me), it will send an error report and will be handled promptly. The game has excellent tutorials, great multi-player modes and excellent animations and sound -- you can't ask for much more.