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SQL4X Manager MySQL Edition 2.0

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This tool administers your MySQL database, browses your database schema, edits table data, creates backups, administers access privileges and runs SQL commands.

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Create new users and set privileges for local and remote databases. Create tables with graphical interfaces. You can select data types and row options, such as primary key and auto-increment. Use the Privilege Manager to set access privileges for users, databases and hosts.

The DB Navigator can browse the OS X Finder, create databases and indexes, rename tables and rows, and drop tables.

You can load scripts from files or store them in the Script Panel. Create backup scripts to run backups from your MySQL databases, and save your database structure, table data and user settings. All created scripts can be scheduled with the Cron tab job manager. You can view log files of all included applications and Mac OS X system components.

A MySQL4X Navigation panel provides access to the main SQL4X manager functions. You can manage Cron tab entries to schedule script execution for backups and other tasks. An import tool can bring external data from text files into the MySQL databases.