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WebSitePad Lite 2.2

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WebSitePad is a server tool designed to ease the management and updating of content on Web pages.

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Unlike other browser-based editors WebSitePad does not pretend to be a design or development tool or to take the place of such tools. WebSitePad was originally designed by Digital Odyssey Web Development Studio to allow our clients to easily update portions of their web sites without exposing them to the underlying HTML code.

The Lite version can be installed once on a UNIX or Windows server and service any and all domains on that server. Lite runs in a browser console launched directly from the page to be edited. Admin and User level passwords are keyed to each domain and are stored encrypted. Admin can view and edit the entire page while User can edit only pre-selected areas of the page. User editable areas of an HTML page are enclosed inside of tags which browsers simply ignore. There can be multiple blocks per page and each block is displayed in the editor in its own edit field.

WebSitePad's license is granted to the purchaser, not to any domain or installation. The purchaser can install WebSitePad on any servers or domains owned or managed by the purchaser.