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SiteCompiler 1.0

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SiteCompiler is a web-authoring tool that allows for creation and maintenance of large websites.

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SiteCompiler is a static template engine that allows for standardization of a website's look and feel, preprocessing source files into HTML files that can then be transferred to a web server for proper viewing. SiteCompiler is based on a simple concept: writing in shorthand. A web-author is given a simple language for mixing files together to produce a website. Any given page needs only to consist of the real content necessary for that page, decorated with a view shorthand annotations. On compilation, the shorthand is resolved into the indicated text, ready for publication. If you are the type of web-author that prefers to code in plain HTML, SiteCompiler is meant for you. If you use another authoring tool, but occasionally need "search and replace" functionality or insertion of dynamic values at the time of publishing, you should definitely look into this tool. Although intended for website authoring, the text manipulations provided by SiteCompiler can be applied to any sort of text file. SiteCompiler came into existence due to my need for a program that offered similar features to "Server Side Includes" (SSI) directives used in many web servers for preprocessing static HTML files. These directives offer support for including other files, replacing variables with dynamic values, etc. My web hosting ISP did not support SSI, so I needed something like SSI directives that could be evaluated without a web server, and the rendered HTML files saved to files that could then be uploaded. SiteCompiler performs these directives in one fell-swoop, so that the web server does not need to parse HTML files.