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Softsilver Transformer 3.2

file size: 2.00 MB

This tool allows you to convert data to XML without programming.

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30 Days
7 / XP / Vista
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You can use it to convert text files, Excel workbooks, Access databases or other ODBC-compliant data sources to XML.

Text files can be fixed-width columns or delimited format. You can extract data from spreadsheets or databases by either selecting a worksheet or table, or by providing an SQL query. You can define the XML layout using drag-and-drop, importing a schema or example XML file.

The package consists of an application that allows you to manually define and execute conversions. A command-line utility is included, allowing you to add transformations to batch processes or schedule them to run at specific times. A COM component can be used from any COM-capable development language. You can use this component to integrate transformations into your own applications or Web sites.

This version has been thoroughly overhauled and updated for Windows 7