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AnyBoard Forum 8.3

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AnyBoard is a powerful forum software with following main features.

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1)Post by email. User can post by emailing to a mail box, AnyBoard will retrieve the mail along with attachments and post it into the forum. This feature along with email notifications allows a user to interact with the forum by email alone. 2) Personalize the boards to fit your site design. You choose threaded or non-threaded, aligned or non-aligned formats, inlined or linked pages, framed or single page for the forum, you set different fonts, colors, labels, image icons. You can abitrarily layout the message page. High performance, handle millions of page views per day. 3) Ultra stability. Many sites have run AnyBoard for years without any problem. Smart and strong anti-abuse capabilities let you sleep well at night or on vacation. 4) Complete customization on security levels. Fully featured user type management allows you to control user access individually. 5) integrated file upload (post message and attach files of any type in one submit), auto thumbnail creation for uploaded images 6) private discussions, instant private message alert for recipient. 7) poll creation and management, including mutliple-choice polls. Detect duplicated votes by IP, username, and cookie. 8) rolling news feature. Put selected posts into rolling news linked directly to the message or the board. 9) event scheduling and sign up 10) link submission. also allow user to delete their links 11) chat room, with emoticons message editing. 12) close/open thread. collapse/expand sub-thread rating. Auto-hide low rate messages 13) email validation/notification email alerts to admin. prevent duplicate alerts. tell a friend via email. a feature can be used for the whole site 14) selective moderation. Allow by-passing moderation by user type. extended member profiles unlimited message categories 15) form mail and file upload generic multi-site search engine (go to for demo) spell checker for major western languages. 16) Tag transformation allows one to enter a symbol to be substituted with html code, such as an image. generate and email vcards from member profiles. 17) Track who's online and their activity in realtime. 18) Site management. Create recursive categories of forums.