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Intensity XS ReCharge 1.11

file size: 8.18 MB

The overall goal in Intensity XS ReCharge is the same as all the other games in the genre -- move fast, avoid incoming fire and stack as many power-ups as you can to help you take down all of the enemy forces.

Published by:
98 / 2k / Me / XP / 95
Cow Rating:

While many may call this gameplay repetitious, it set the foothold for tons of wonderful shooters.

Intensity XS ReCharge doesn't break any new ground, or really try to do much different then the hundreds that we have seen before. Still, it has something that makes you want to continue playing. The power-ups get kind of pretty at higher levels. Instead of lives, the power-ups "de-layer" as you are struck, and too many losses means game over.

The demo, though, is still a little short, and on easy, you're bound to complete it in one sitting. The full game offers a nice handful of levels, so the replayability would be raised.