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ContextView Pro 1.7

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On rare occasions I come across programs that I use both at home and at work.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP
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Don't misquote me, I see a great many good programs on a daily basis, but finding a few that fit my current needs is another issue.

I'm a nut for anything and everything that gives me the ability to simply manipulate the context menu. You can call me an addict, but whatever, I'm in counseling for it.

This tool provides a great way to transform previewing multimedia formats when you right-click the file. The biggest obvious feature is the thumbnail preview. For you basic and advanced users out there who don't use the Web page and thumbnail formatting for folders, this adds extra functionality and speed. With added content for batch conversion, previewing, processing, and slideshow capability, you can't go wrong.

This provides immediate access to a thumbnail preview of the image or video and its properties. It has the ability to quickly convert the file to any of over 60 supported formats. It can slideshow files in the current folder with real-time fade and provides image processing and editing features.

You can view thumbnail lists when multiple files are selected and copy to the Windows clipboard. This will even send selected files by e-mail, set the image or video frame as your Windows wallpaper (tiled or centered), and create GIF animations from selected images.