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CopyPaste X 2.5

file size: 6.12 MB

This is a multiple clipboard editing and display utility.

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30 Days
Classic / OS X

Clipboards are saved through restarts, and unique find tools are included.

One of the early wonders of the Mac was its revolutionary ability to do copy and paste across various applications. Unlike other areas in the Mac's system software that have changed and progressed over the years, copying and pasting has not evolved. How many times have you found yourself going back and forth copying in one application and pasting in a different application, wishing to yourself that you could copy 5-10 items at a time, then go to another application and paste each of these items. This tool gives you this ability and much more.

It turns out that having additional clipboards is incredibly useful. This eliminates tedious repetitive work and increases your ability to get the job done.


  • Mac OS X