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NewsHunter 2.1.1

file size: 1.98 MB

This is a Usenet utility that supports picture uploads.

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Classic / OS X

Select the pictures you want to upload from a gallery of thumbnails, click a button, and NewsHunter posts the pictures to the newsgroup of your choice.

The program remembers all the articles you have queued in all the newsgroups and on all the news servers you access. If you have to quit NewsHunter or if there is a crash, all the queues will still be there next time you run the program.

This program can manage multiple accounts. It also lets you download a few files from each newsgroup in a round robin fashion. And if you access more than one news server, you can cycle through the servers as well.

The program assembles and decodes multipart posts even if the parts arrive out of order, days apart or from different servers. It also has a flexible filter manager, a preview option and a MasterSplitter utility.