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eKiosk 3.1

file size: 4.38 MB

This tool lets you install Internet and e-mail kiosks in public spaces.

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1 hour

You can personalize all graphics and functions of the start-up screen. It even has e-mail SMTP and POP3 functions.

This lets users of kiosk stations send and receive e-mail to friends. It can also provide a full-screen Explorer with no menu bar so that access to the Finder is completely blocked. It also allows a modem connection to the Internet without a dialog. It stops the creation of new windows and allows you to delete advertising windows.

You can partially or completely deactivate some menus of Internet Explorer. It also features automatic deleting of the cache and the history to guarantee confidentiality.

This prevents downloading to avoid saturation of the disk and the arrival of viruses. It blocks access to sensitive keys, CD-ROM, and removable disks. All preferences are protected by password for the administrator.


After restarting, you'll need to locate the program's folder on your hard drive and read the ReadMe file so you don't get locked out of your desktop.


    Internet Explorer 5 and 5.1 Browsers