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Revolution 2.2 RC2

file size: 10.98 MB

This is an integrated development environment for Mac OS, Unix, and Windows computers.

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Trial Period:
30 days
Classic / OS X
Support URL:

It supports cross-platform database access and advanced multimedia including Quicktime movies and virtual reality. Using the user interface layout tools and built-in Transcript programming language, developers can create standalone, double-clickable applications for any supported platform.

You use familiar WYSIWYG tools to lay out your user interface, then write the code that ties it all together. You can run and test your application right in the IDE. No matter what platform you use for development, a simple Preview command shows you how your application will look in Windows, Unix, or Mac OS. Finally, you can either release your application as a file distribution that runs in the freely downloadable Revolution runtime, or build true double-clickable applications for release on each platform you want to support.